Can I even hug people now ??

With all the sexual harassment suits and accusations, men are now somehow put in a quandary of how to behave. Really?? I never knew that following the decent level of social norms was really so hard. I know while I was growing up I was taught please , thank you , may I and shaking hands. This was especially true of meeting someone for the first time. When did a simple handshake become so complicated ? Hi my name is Jan and your name is ? Extends hand and shakes other hand. I don’t even do the hand over handshake. I don’t know you but I will respect you as a person. Now granted when you get to know someone, the levels of your relationship may change but the respect should always be there. Asking someone if they need a hug if it they had a rough time, or something horrible has happened to them shows a level of caring and again respect for the person. But what I am talking about ? I’m a women so my mind cannot fully grasp all that it means to be a man in society. After all, the allegations of sexual harassment have been known by some men for years but only after the reigniting of the #metoo campaign are they actually finally “hearing” the assaulted people in their lives. They are finally seeing men who the may have respected whether by the person or the level of power they have in society brought to their proverbial knees for the levels of shit women have had to put up with for years. The behavior is not now how can we hold ourselves accountable but more how can I avoid being ” “one of those accused ?”

Is that really your concern? You don’t wanna be seen as one those guys. Wow. I keep forgetting how base people are and how everything revolves around them. Sorry men but this world doesn’t revolve around you as much as it doesn’t revolve around me. I have the victim of harassment and no matter how I try I make myself small in the world that doesn’t stop the world. Men have yelled at me, called me bitch and cursed me. How is type of behavior acceptable? Yet when they are pulled to the carpet for this bullshit, all of a sudden we need to avoid women like the plague.

Grow up men. Grow your minds up. Grow up your mentality. Ask , talk and actually listen. Is it really that hard? Listening can help you and actually avoid some pretty sticky situations.

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