Self preservation above all

Karma has once again smiled upon the United States in the lil ole state of Alabama. There was a vote for a new U.S. senator. It was between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Excuse me, I mean #pedomoore. Information has come out about #pedomoore basically sexually harassing a fourteen year old at a mall while he was 32 and attorney general. Now, I will admit I don’t know much about the state of Alabama and while some of their pale brethren trying to sell me on the fact that most moms would be ecstatic that their 14 year old daughter was hit on by a 32 year old, you will have to forgive if I give the severe side eye. Listen 14 year olds should be young and not be preyed upon because some backwards ass thinking. I try my best not to lump people in groups but realistically the voting outpour last nite showed how de-evolved the moral standards are amongst white people. I saw a town hall where men and women are defending Roy Moore’s behavior. Things like “he didn’t assault her and my mom was married when she was 14.” Nothing wrong!?!? This man is on record saying this country was better when there was slavery and every amendment after the tenth should be gone including women’s right to vote as well as black people’s right to vote.

This is what y’all white people want. Seriously?!?! You want a man to keep others oppressed because your morals are now the size of gnats. Just because you are still caught up in the “white is right ” mentality.

Roy Moore actually rode his high horse to go vote yesterday because he knew in his heart of hearts he would win because he knows the morals of ” his people” and true to form, they came out in droves for his pedophilic self.

74% of white men which lets be honest was expected. They only care about seeing their faces everywhere but 65% white women. Still catching the vapors down there?? Your man still rule the house and what he say goes? Can grab you by the pussy when he wants because even if the white man is a deviant, he is still better than another white man who believes in equality and helping others that don’t look like him? You would rather make excuses for #Pedomoore behavior than actually protect your own female children? Wow. Once again y’all showed your ass just like you did for the Tangerine Tyrant. Must have some serious father complex where you cannot even fathom the idea of even a woman in charge.

Of course, Black people came out and showed the power of our voice with a vote. 92% black men and the #blackgirlmagic of 97%. They came out and voted and got someone who they felt would be better in that seat. This election if nothing else proves what a vote can do especially when the rest of country is going the way of the dodo.

I’m seeing on Twitter now how white people are thanking black women for the vote but as always black twitter is on point.

We as black people and especially black women have realized we have to protect ourselves first. It will never have anything to do with anyone else but us. Self preservation is key and has always been throughout the black community. We have to protect ourselves because we cannot even put our destinies on someone else’s hands. Fuck that noise. We have never really had that luxury of that fallacy. Our white counterparts do because someone is always looking out for them not matter what.

If all these white people thanking black women want to really help, support getting them in places in government. Help them get their voices heard from a scream that has echoed throughout the world for centuries.

To my beautiful black people in Alabama thank you for once again for showing strength like you did in Selma. I honestly hope this will help bring America’s head slowly out of its ass and begin to see in the immortal words of Lauryn Hill “Now don’t you understand man universal law?

What you throw out comes back to you, star

Never underestimate those who you scar

Cause karma, karma, karma comes back to you hard!

You can’t hold god’s people back that long

The chain of shatan wasn’t made that strong”

Wake up America.

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