It’s not legit till it happens to you

These days, it’s more he said she said than ever. But as usual, there is always someone who has to quantify the level how outraged we should be at infraction. The “culture of outrage” we seem to cultivate now has taken on a level life. Now we have to measure how posed off we really should be based on the level of infraction.

First, why?? If someone was offended by something someone said or did, how I am I going to tell someone to chill out and calm down? Minorities have heard this for years when it came to micro aggressions. “Oh my god, you’re being so sensitive. I didn’t mean it like that. Can’t you take a joke?”

If any of those words have to come out your mouth after you say something, you may have truly offended someone. What exactly is hard about actually saying sorry and mean it?

These days however I’m not sure sorry is enough considering all these men feel the need to black ball women and men who don’t cow tow to their bullshit. Showing their dicks to the world as if someone asked and evennit was asked, if they said no, tuck it back in your pants. So proud of the flaccid piece of meat that somehow it should grace everyone’s presence. No. No. No.

Also, if something sexual was uttered or a touch placed upon you that you did not welcome, be outraged. I see people saying rape and harassment aren’t the same thing. Of course they aren’t but I’m sorry I’m not going to tell someone who is harassed shouldn’t feel a level of shame as someone who was raped. I’m not going to give you gauge so I know how to react appropriately. Who the hell am I ?

  1. I have been put in situations where I have heard, been told or seen things that made me uncomfortable. I have spoken on some that affect me directly and only spoken up when the person affected asked me too.
  2. I love these people that are like not the same thing. Yeah. Unfortunately, sometimes this is due to things not happening to you. I get it but your voice isn’t needed on this.

Some of us humans only can fully understand when it happens directly to us. This is not how it should be. I may not be a nuclear physicist but I do know if with have nuclear weapons launched, nuclear winter and fallout is something I don’t want to live through. I don’t need to experience something to know the dangers or how it may affect someone.

These days people really need to learn empathy. Learn to do the hard listen and keep the judgement to yourself. When someone asks, offer your opinion but gauge how you speak and what you say. Don’t let the universe make you experience something for you to ” finally get it.”

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