Decency and respect are their own rewards

I know in this day age especially it’s really hard being a good and decent human. After all, society these days seem to want give accolades to those consider fringes. By that I mean something that is considered outside of society’s norm. These accolades or recognition can be good or bad depending on who and what we are giving a platform.

Now for the human beings that haven’t strayed too far off from society’s bs norm window, we just go about our everyday lives and no one gives us praises or accolades for us being decent.

Example : Matt ” I have proverbial hoof in mouth disease” Damon now wants to know why we aren’t talking about the decent and respectful men of Hollywood. Really?!?! Is this a real conversation. After all, the ones we haven’t heard be lewd or indecent still have respect not only for themselves but the people around them. Do they deserve decency awards?

I already think there are too many awards starting with the participation awards we give to teams who tried and failed. The failure is our teacher not well here’s something so you don’t feel too bad. Um. Find personal ways to feel better. I don’t need a participation badge. They don’t give them out at the olympics. They don’t give out for the World Series or the NBA Finals. There will always be a winner and loser. Doesn’t mean you will lose at the time but I don’t need a reminder of being mediocre.

If you are looking for society to recognize you being decent, help your community. Help kids. Help the elderly. Help the environment. Help animals. Do things that mean something to you. Don’t look to society to recognize every good person or very good deed you do.

Being decent and respectful isn’t really hard. Especially if you have experienced indecency and disrespect. We all know how it feels when someone treats us horribly. For most it’s a lesson not to be that way. We go through our daily lives being good and even if the person we are being decent to doesn’t reciprocate, that’s not a reflection on you. That’s a reflection on them. I think sometimes we forget that we can’t control others behavior but we can definitely control ourselves.

Please don’t wait for the accolades of decency and respect. Be your good self and I promise you will be rewarded without having someone constantly stroking your ego. The “look at me moments” mean nothing. It will always be about the “look what I have done moments” that mean the most.

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