I don’t like it because so many do

When you watch humanity and are a part of it, you begin to notice the quirks and idiosyncratic behaviors. One that seems to be very prevalent is not liking something because so many do. Now, I am not saying you should have a “hive” mind but I do notice some people want to be contrary just to be contrary. This inherent need to be different from everyone else.

I hate to tell you but all the things that were or are considered different are just areas of society. We all have niche we fit in whether or not we want to. I notice that people in entertainment (sports, music, movies & arts) seems to gather the most hate because there are so many that love them.

There are these weird comparisons made everyday especially on Twitter. RT if you love this person, like if you hate this person. Why must you spend your life being this way? Granted, there are things I can’t stand but that’s something in not putting on global platform. After all most of things I don’t like can be the littlest and most innocuous things that in the grand scheme of things mean nothing.

But to go out of your way to be contrary just because without valid reason makes me weary. I should have studied psychology in school because people fascinate me. I know we can make jobs out of anything but being a professional people watcher may not be one of them.

I get it to an extent. Don’t follow the crowd. Be your own person. But why do we forget, we are always our own person. No one on earth can be us. But to be just hateful. To be always on 100 petty. My mindset is from someone who is forty years old and watching how times have changed drastically. These days, people are paid to be petty, hateful and spiteful individuals. Shows are built around this and not just soap operas. Some so desperate for the 15 minutes of fame, they are willing to do anything for it. You do you. Just realize that karma is the wonderful equalizer. She isn’t a bitch. She will give you back what you put out three fold. So if your energy is on negative, don’t act surprised when that Mack truck of negativity comes back. That is life’s balance.

Words and thoughts put actions and energy into place. Just be ready for the fallout or windfall.

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