Not everyone is going to like you

I have been watching plenty of instagram stories and tweets. Seeing a lot of people talking about why they may be by themselves or you ain’t living life right if you ain’t got haters. Interesting this fact because we all know inherently that not everyone is going to like you. It’s true. People will rub you the wrong way. Sometimes, the energy people give off can make you recoil or vice versa. It is amazing how we can never do the introspection but ready to call someone out as being a hater instead of realizing it could just be you.

The haters tweets and stories make me laugh. Most of the population don’t go through their days actually thinking about those that do not matter to them.

Keyword: matter to them. If people do not matter to you, you are not going to reflect on whether people don’t like you or hate on you.

There are plenty of people I don’t like and I am sure there are plenty that don’t like me (in fact I know a few at my job don’t) but that’s their problem as it mine. The difference is I can’t or won’t expends the energy to worry about them hating me. People forget they have a finite amount of energy and life. You have bigger things to be worried about than someone “hating on you” or not seeing you for you.

Why should you care? You shouldn’t. Why do you care? Because we all want the ego stroke. We all want to be liked and adored. There are levels to it but most of the time we want to be liked by everyone. We want the people who we like to like us too.

Get real. It will not always work out in your favor. There is a saying. People can be a reason, a season or a lifetime. Sometimes, the universe will bring people in your life to make you uncomfortable. Reason is to challenge you. You aren’t doing something for you and this person is showing you that they have the qualities you do so why aren’t you doing it ?

People are brought into each other’s lives for lessons. From the family we are born into to the actual relationships we make, everyone in your life serves a purpose.

But it isn’t up to the world to like you. Think about your job. Think about your work environment. Think about your downtime. All the people you interact with and really evaluate if you truly like all of them.

I guarantee you there will be a few that you side eye, some you wouldn’t trust with a small animal, some you would bring into your fam and some that need to stay the hell away from anything concerning you.

What we need to get behind is truly loving and liking yourself. Learn yourself fully and appreciate everything about you from the good to the bad. Be honest with yourself and I guarantee the need to be overly liked will subside.

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