End of 2017

As usual, the year ends and we begin reflecting on what life was during that year. 2017 was rough. Rough for not just me but for everyone I know. It wasn’t just because of who is currently sitting the White House though he did provide the catalyst and realization of how mentally backwards this nation is. This year I can say people let you see them raw. Meaning no more the two face. People wore their ideologies and emotions on their sleeves and let people know what was up. I can’t say that I am mad at that because I live quite comfortably in the real. We needed the swift kick in ass from Karma herself. We were living in a weird world where people thought the US was post racial.

Save the bullshit for someone who isn’t brown or black. There is no such thing as post racial. As long as prejudices and ignorance exists, this war on racism will continue to be fought.

For me personally, 2017 was eye opening. From picking up and moving to San Diego to seeing everyone in my life for who they are and seeing myself even more clearly. I appreciate the level of growth and the pain associated. After all, without pain how will we know to correct or fix something? I learned that complaining does nothing but make you look like you aren’t a problem solver. I learned that people will only do things once the rug has been pulled out from under them. I have learned who my real friends are. I learned that though we all have a voice, the influence of some are just greater. This is not to say ” clam up” but to motivate yourself that you can get to be heard.

What I also learned is that everyone who is your mentor ( actual or just in your mind ) are still humans with human failings. Judge them accordingly and look within to see if you have every messed up.

What I look forward to is just living more out loud and my truth. Using the platforms I have to grow and learn about others. To answer every text honestly and forge stronger relationships. To take pictures of places, people and things I love. To honestly know that my true competition is myself. To love myself and my mental health more. To genuinely laugh. To genuinely cry. To genuinely feel every emotion and realize it is ok. To get help when I need it. To recharge my internal batteries through mediation and quiet moments. To tell this to people in my life that when I need these moments and do not feel bad about it. To effectively use no without guilt.

I will 2018 to keep my heart light and my mind fully charged. I will 2018 to keep my health in check. I will 2018 to face my fears and run through them like a Mack truck. I will 2018 to live out louder.

To my readers, I am appreciative to all of you. To take time out your day to read my thoughts is a blessing. I hope all of you will love your true selves.

Power. Love. Strength. Growth. All of these I wish for you all in 2018.

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