Good Morning on your first reset Day

Hello good people. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to 2018. I know most of us have made conscience decisions of not making resolutions. We are now making more behavioral decisions namely the behavior of those around us.

We need to take ourselves truly in hand. I know how hard it is to really face yourself but that is the first step in getting life together. Take the hard look in the mirror. Go ahead. Take a good look at yourself. Think about all you are, inside and out. What have you done to yourself? What have you done to others? Was it ethical? Was it moral? Was it right? Did your gut do flip flops because something was off? Our body is very quick to give physical cues when things are not right. We have a tendency to ignore them and keep going until the universe slaps us across our faces. Stop fighting what your senses keep telling you.

The hard look at yourself requires the self care afterwards. This means it is ok to see your battle scars and find ways to heal from them. It will also give you an opportunity to find out what will make you happy and keep your mind at peace.

I would suggest keeping a journal as well as finding music to soothe you. Getting all your thoughts out can get them off your mind and leave your heart lighter. If you learned anything last year, it should be to find the lighter side of life. Reality will be there and being happy and lighter is no less real than the drama and strain.

Believe in yourself first. Be your own cheerleader first. Be your own cheering section. Not everyone will see the vision you have for your life and they don’t have to. You just need to believe deeply in the vision. Be thankful for the steps that got you to this point and be thankful for the future fruition of all the great and positive seeds you plant.

Take care you you first.

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