Mediocrity is king

New Age brings with it a new reality of the mediocre. Social media has brought a wave of people who are mediocre at best. Meaning the work with humanity’s base instinct. Fart jokes. Crude humor and such. Now while there is nothing inherently wrong with that we seem to be flooded with so many that do the same damn things that it can almost be a blur.

But what I have noticed is some white people thrive in mediocrity. I know I know. It seems now more than ever, there are so many mediocre fish that have some level of fame and huge social following.

It really isn’t surprising. After all, most minorities (side eye) have always been told to strive for excellence. To work harder than your neighbor. To learn more and hone the skills to excel in anything they want to be. I can only assume that’s why in 2017, we still have people of color still doing firsts.

Currently there are two major lands of mediocrity: InstaGram and YouTube. Both have started out as something so fun until some people realized they can make money off it. Then flooded with those that find ways to go viral so money can flow in everyday.

They tell you ” Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Well I hate both. Reason why is we have people like the Logan Brothers that are basic white frat boys with too much money on their hands speaking to preteen youth having a new generation of assholes developing knowing that being an asshole can get you paid. Granted, if you live on this planet long enough, you have seen assholes get ahead. You look in shock as to why but we all know why. They just make a lot of noise. They do so many things that most people in their right mind won’t do for attention that makes them “special.”

To further illustrate this fact, I read an article yesterday that Logan Paul, a YouTube sensation, uploaded a video from Japan’s suicide forest and in the background was someone who had committed suicide. He seemed a bit amused at the whole thing. He uploads to YouTube which allowed it to stay up until some people rightly got up in arms about the callous way the death was treated and the fact that the video stayed up for 6 million and growing views.

Logan then films and uploads a half assed apology and will continue his life earning money for a platform where if you really need to be a big fish because YouTube some how is going broke yet seem to be demonetizing almost every other creators work. We know some people earn their money online so to put some weird strangle hold on some to point of claiming some aren’t kid friendly to being too gory. Meanwhile, this basic white man can but someone’s death up and laugh and nothing is done or said till the public cries foul.

Both of this person’s videos ended up on YouTube’s trending page. Wow. Great way to send a message. Continue doing you Logan and we’ll continue to pay you. After all, where is everyone going to go? We are the most popular video service. I think this would be a perfect time for some other media giant to develop another video platform. Maybe YouTube needs to lose some major dollars for them to really wake up to what there site is promoting.

Sad thing is because Mediocre Logan offered this half assed apology, his money may take a slight hit but not enough for him to stop. Not enough for YouTube not to trend him. Proof right there that mediocrity is reigning supreme.

This whole video has even as if right on cue supporters of this dude claiming some are cyber bullying him. Seriously!?!?!

Mediocrity is very weird. I have seen it many times from the bs the media wants to sell us on Sharapova versus the wonderfully talented and excellence personified Serena Williams. There is no contest. Serena worked her ass off to be the top tennis player in the world and Sharapova’s record is much to be desired as well as her doping charges.

Another on is Anna Kournikova. Just pretty but really can’t play for shit but somehow will got rewarded with endorsements. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods gets into an altercation with his wife and his endorsers ran to the four winds. They had no problem dropping him on his ass and moving on.

As for the parents who let there kids watch Logan Paul, I would suggest doing like every other parent does and actually take a solid look at everything your child watches. It amazes that no one had a problem until this. Guess what he was doing wasn’t enough to put you on alert for the behavior you are subliminally saying yes to for your kids.

I don’t expect the mediocrity machine to end anytime though. As long as the money flows and they have a “no holds barred” attitudes to what they do, the mediocrity machine will churn out more and more fools.

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