Earn it ( yeah right)

Pride goeth before the fall. This saying has never failed and will continue to plague every man, woman, child and business. There is this mentality has some people and corporations feeling they are too big to fail. This is when karma will usually drop them on their proverbial ass. Now, it doesn’t happen to everybody. Some people take the calculated risk and some embrace the fall because they are aware it is a part of life. You won’t always be loved or great at everything you do.

Unfortunately, this modern age of social media has brought about and inflated sense of self and for some, this insular bubble that no matter what they do the world will continue to fill their coffers and keep them in the public eye.

I wrote about the Logan Paul fiasco and it seems that now he wants a second chance. He wants a second chance. But what does he want a second chance to do? See, I am generation X so my understanding of him is limited because my tolerance for low brow humor is extremely low. This doesn’t mean I don’t find things funny but I can usually tell when things are just for shock value to keep someone’s social clout up. So his little minions are chomping at the bit waiting for him to return and looking to the public to love him again. He wants a second chance. But if he has actually changed or will change, actions will show it. If he wants a second chance because the public at large has a problem with his buffoonery, what can he change that will keep parents from taking their kids away from viewing him? I know kids are are smart and will find ways around it but what will he change ? Mr. Paul as well as the euro trash sensation pewdiepie are both some polarizing figures for their antics but they seem to have a bigger protector than until I think recently most of us didn’t realize.

YouTube is a public platform which people can upload and share video content. YouTube has been around for a long time and I remember form its infancy most channels were random and not very many were focused on certain things. I mean beauty and hair was usually a solid focus but most other channels just uploaded what they felt. It was a freeing platform and became a way for creators to earn money. When that change occurred, I began to noticed more focused shows, skits and different forms of local entertainment to the point were these people reached a level of celebrity.

These days however because everyone is scrambling to be the next huge hit, YouTube then began putting down more rules and regulations. For awhile the playing field felt level until some dude named pewdiepie was getting millions of hits for doing what I thought was the most ridiculous things. But then who I am but one person? After all, I didn’t have to watch him but millions did. He has slipped on numerous occasions and has said and done things and when people asked YouTube to take action, it seemed to fall on deaf ears.

This is now the problem with Logan Paul. YouTube was asked to do something and after they got wind of the bad press though the video was on their trending page, they came up with a half assed excuse. I think it finally began to click to those outside of YouTube creator community that this is business.

Logan Paul is an advertisers wet dream for all the preteens that watch his stuff. Most of us are not ignorant to the fact of this. What we expect is something ethical to happen when really it’s all about dollars and cents.

Now if Logan had any brains, he would have saved some of his money and invested. I know he isn’t going to debtors prison anytime soon but he has to feed the attention beast he created. He is looking for a second chance. But why wait on YouTube? Because he knows someone down deep in his heart, YouTube will have him right back on. I know it too. I have seen people yell at YouTube. Smaller channels being squeezed out for the money makers. YouTube is no different from a Hulu in the sense they will keep the content and shows that will bring them money.

The other issue is YouTube doesn’t have big enough competition. We all know of other platforms but when tv networks use YouTube as their default for even snippets of content, what are you really going to do?

Truth is money talks and bullshit runs that marathon. Until there is actually someone who is big enough to compete and until the money actually stops flowing at YouTube, most complaints will fall on deaf ears. It is all about appeasement until they feel society are large forgets. After all, I recently saw Paula Deen is getting a new show. Hey, I guess all you need of five years. So hang in there Logan. You’ll be alright. <insert sarcasm>

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