Too Methodical, too much sarcasm, be someone else

Yesterday was enlightening. I was called into the office. I was surrounded by my store manager, my ops/hr manager and my merchandise manager. We all know what this means. Either you are getting promoted or you are being put on warning. I was the latter.

Seems my skills set is subpar, I can’t prioritize worth a damn and I am too sarcastic. Now as I sat there and listened to how because I haven’t been consistent and because I work with people where English is a second language and I should be cognitive of this , I was immensely calm. It was almost as if someone turned me off. I was there in physicality. My mind however was processing. This is what I do. I was not going to be angry or upset. I will not feed that beast of ineffective management that was sitting in that room.

When they say people quit people and not jobs, they are correct. The supposed learning to prioritize talks, moving faster and doing this and that to make everyone else feel comfortable.

Again, I have to make someone else comfortable but what about my comfort? What about that fact that I have managers who have 20 years experience and basically have to gang up on me to put me on notice. To try and soften the blow, we don’t want Jan to stop being Jan. But that is exactly what you want.

My direct boss who is Mexican wishes to work with her own in her areas. Before anyone calls me racist or prejudice, I know this is my heart and it doesn’t upset me. It is her comfort level that’s important. Not mine. Not the months of asking for help in an area with thousands of little items. Not for assistance on getting everything out. No. She wants here comfort level to be able to speak her language to her own and I be damned. ( ok)

As for my store manager, I thought I built a better working relationship with him but I guess not and with the ops manager as well.

All these people each afraid to have a sit down because I was being my brutal self. I don’t get it. Figured it would help so they could talk to me but instead I get the triumvirate of bullshit.

They then ask me if I had any questions. I said no because I didn’t. I told them I learned much about the area and I do honestly hope who ever gets does a stellar job. They all looked shocked. This is because what they’re expectation was and the reponse they received was completely different.

I have learned in these situations to never give them what they expect. They expected me to be angry when at that moment I was just like ok. I am not fighting for something that I know the direct supervisor doesn’t want me in. Make her life easier. After all, I should have been in my department rather than learning any leadership roles. You know the bullshit next step.

So I continued my day and then just went home. After all, this is a paycheck and I am easily replaceable. My skills are lacking and such so I will do what I need to do till I get away from them and their “leadership.”

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