A man lost in the woods

Justin Timberlake is releasing a new album. My younger me is more curious than my older me but not by much.

See, when *NSYNC first came out, it was so extra to see 5 guys dancing in choreographed rhythm and just enjoying the tunes. I mean think most of the world had *NSYNC ‘s albums. I could tell who the two leads were going to be Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez. It really wasn’t surprising Justin went first for solo. He was “as American as apple pie”. Blonde hair soul boy hooked up with Timberland and Pharrell and made his version of black music.

Truth be told most if not all music of these modern times originated from the slave records but let’s continue.

In his first solo video, he is dancing and singing to a young black lady ( reaching a new demographic) and performing dance moves to which people started comparing him to Usher and The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Like I love ya video

To say Justin Timberlake was riding high for a few was an understatement. He and Britney broke up so he was able to be free and easy. What better way to market him than for him to be single?

Fast forward to infamous “Nipplegate” of Super Bowl 2004 where he and Janet Jackson performed and when the infamous line ” I’ll have you nekkid by the end of this song”, he rip her shirt and her nipple was exposed.

All of sudden America freaked like they never seen nipples before but it was because it was a black woman’s nipples and the good ole boys didn’t want to show their families what they were drooling over in their nightly porn viewings. So both he and Janet apologized yet Janet was and still is banned from performing at the Super Bowl ever again. Meanwhile, blonde hair and blue eyed fake soul boy is up to perform at this year’s game. ( America you so rando)

Of course, he released other albums after that which from my hearing some slept on but the black community hasn’t forgiven him for leaving Janet out to dry.

So as with most white artists that do the weird urban cross over, they always go back to their roots. (Looking at you Miley)

Problem is the roots are still black music no matter how much white people wish to claim country is all theirs. Man of the Woods just puts in my head imagery of some dude living off the land, shotgun ready and huge Bowie knife. Not some pop star trying to make a comeback.

Filthy video

The first song he puts out is “Filthy.” Now while the sound and beat are fine, the video is all over the place and basically showing a robot getting his groove on. Filthy blipped on the radar but it didn’t really seemed like people cared. It’s was almost like Justin Timberlake is back.Now he has new video out called “Supplies” and though the imagery is telling of all the strife going on in the world today, the words are basically about him giving a girl what she needs at anytime. I can fully understand why some call this video fake woke.

His music seems to be all over the place. I get queens like Rihanna and Beyonce has basically changed the map when it comes to album release execution but it seems like everyone after them can’t catch the formula. Hell even Taylor Swift’s rollout was painful.

Just like the of his album, Justin Timberlake seems lost in a musical woods landscape where Bruno Mars is moving flawlessly in area he once dominated and Justin is trying to bring his sexy back.

All I can say is Karma is a mutha and she is doing her thing on him.

Good luck JT.

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