Black history is American history

Once again February has come around and it is black history month. Also, this brings the foolishness that black history is racist. But that of course is the excuse for the lazy. Some white people just wanna be mad to be mad. Realistically, these are the same fools that can tell you what their great great great grandpas did because somehow that story was so important that it was passed through generations.

The other reason is because they claim they can’t have a white history month. I have never seen people more in control play victim so well. When in the world hasn’t any child learned about white history? White history is all over the history books. The supposed “discovering” of lands already inhabited and then decimation of whole ethnicities and tribes. They will call it wars when in reality, white people just wanted more space to spread and create empires.

But in the great United States of America, a land that was supposed to welcome your tired and your poor to help them find a better life. Instead in this modern era, everyone not of the translucent variety is told ” go back where you came from!” Most of the people they say this to have ancestry here and as for black people, we were brought here to do work that your white ancestors were too lazy to do. We were brought here treated less than human because of some bullshit they put in their heads of being superior. The icing on the cake is white people are not native to America so please ask your grandmother where her relatives came from and you go back where you came from.

The problem with the racist white people is that you cannot fathom that our histories are married but they are. My ancestors built this country on their backs ( figuratively and literally) and truth be told white American history is married to Native American, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese. Some whites want to pretend it isn’t but the minute your ancestors try and take traditions, culture and life from other ethnicities, you forced the marriage.

I don’t feel bad for them. Claiming weird things like country music as if American music wasn’t based of off slave music and records. Making weird colored stations and fairing in the back of buses as if that is really going to stop people from wanting to be free. Creating dissent with colorism because you want us to continue to fight each other instead of fighting against white tyranny. All this because white men couldn’t keep their white dicks out of the slave quarters. Having black women nursing white babies because white women were “catching the vapors” and couldn’t handle rearing and raising their own children.

In this modern era, we are still fighting the seeds of evil, discourse and agony planted thousands of years ago.

Let people of color enjoy their historical figures. The ones that made inventions that save lives today. Let people of color enjoy the work of their ancestors that whites try to take credit for so freely. We know all about your kin. Let me learn more about mine.

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