Hi. I’m Talking Head and I have no soul

18. 18 is the number of shootings that has happened in the United States in the last month and half. That’s right. 18 shootings in less than two months.

Of course, the country is up in arms because we have been asking for gun control since Columbine.

Sane Americans have been asking for gun control for a long time. Every time we have a tragedy, the topic comes up, the NRA SAYS NOTHING and we get “talking heads” spewing bullshit about the left and not letting families grieve.

One of these talking heads goes by the name of Tomi Lahren but she is as interchangeable as Fox News’ spin on events and news.

Yesterday in Florida, a school lost 19 young lives. The shooter was caught and arrested and here is what the “Talking Tomi” tweets

Now I know we live in a country of extremes but this topic of gun control has to be brought up as soon as it happens because we don’t want it to happen again. The families are grieving and will be grieving for a very long time. We need action now not “talking heads”.

A young man by the name of David Hogg, a student and journalist at the school tells the lawmakers exactly what this country needs to do. David Hogg Video

He looked directly into the camera as he called on lawmakers: “We’re children. You guys are the adults. You need to take some action and play a role. Work together, come over your politics, and get something done.”

Out of the mouths of babes. We need decisive and clear cut action and not talking points. We need people who are going to have the courage of their values and convictions to stop children from being senselessly murdered while trying to go to school.

The other talking head is Mark Dice. Seems this cretin deleted this tweet but screenshot life is forever

Police and emergency services are trained for school shootings. Children are documenting as well as calling 911 because we are all fully aware of how evidence on Snapchat has had lawsuits come to life and people paying for their actions.

Another student by the name of Sarah responded to this cowards tweet

I can guarantee that’s why he deleted the tweet. Someone that was actually there vs your speculative opinion. If you never suffered this type of tragedy, then shut the fuck up.

Those kids were scared for their lives and now 17 people are gone. That’s 17 too many. That’s 17 too much for a day that was not only meant for love but also Ash Wednesday. Whatever meaning that holds I am not sure but I’m sure some Christians have some ideas.

The United States of America needs to come to grips with the reality of this country. We are broken and we need real action to fix it. Thoughts and prayer for these families are not enough and they never been. Congress and the president needs to stop being in bed with these gun lobbyists.

I don’t care if politicians have to reach out to our allies on how to helps reduce this problem. If other developed nations can curb and reduce this problem, then the “great ole USA” really has no excuse.

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