Welcome to the About Me Page.

For those that want to know about me, here goes :

1) I am 38 years old or young ( depending on who is seeing me )

2) I am have been writing off and on for about 30 years

3) I grew up in the borough of kings aka Brooklyn hence the name

4) I love learning new things but some things I do have an issue with ( like most humans)

5) I am an ambivert (a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features)

6) I am currently in the Midwest but I am moving to the west coast

7) New York will always be in the heart no matter where I roam

8) I am a freelance photographer.

9) This blog will have a formula ( I’m still working on it)

10) I hope you enjoy this blog 🙂 ( genuinely and from the bottom of my BK heart)

59th street
New York its a hell of town


If you want to follow me via social Media


FB: https://www.facebook.com/theogbklyngirl


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  1. Nannette Peck says:

    Thanks for the invite Miss J

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